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On disc: The Sideline Haters

Who Shaves The Barber? - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Who Shaves The Barber?

Who Shaves The Barber?
(self-released - 2015)

I don't know much about the French band The Sideline Haters, but I can tell you about the music

Their EP Who Shaves The Barber? offers 3 tracks, starting with The Sideline Effect. The opening passage has a doomy edge spiced up with a dash of Oriental sounds, but then they storm off into a fast death metal frenzy. Vocals in the tradition of Cannibal Corpse & co meet a more modern approach in the guitar department.
Tasty Cull kicks off with a short spoken words passage which seems to come from an old movie, then head into a mid-paced death metal tune. For the title track they speed up, but add some breaks and mid-tempo parts. And later surprise the listener with more twists and turns.

The EP might contain just 3 tracks, but the quality level is quite good and even sound-wise there is nothing to complain. The French quartet started in 2014 by guitarist Allan 'M-Slay' and bassist ╔lodie 'Ch!ing'. Allan is also responsible for the recordings at his home studio, mixing and mastering of Who Shaves The Barber?.

To get an idea, check this out:

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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