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On disc: The Scourger

- Dark Invitation To Armageddon - Leif Lohne - 9 stars

Dark Invitation To Armageddon

Dark Invitation To Armageddon
(Cyclone - 2008)

Wow, this rocks! It's been a long time since a CD made me as happy as Dark Invitation To Armageddon. Old school thrash at it's best the five Finns presented even with their debut Blind Date With Violence which got great response - especially in their home country Finland. There the first single Hatehead was no. 1 in the single charts! With their sophomore album they want to make themselves known outside Finland. In case of The Scourger old school thrash means that they sound modern and that they don't copy the established acts. Sure, they don't create a totally new sound, but that's not the point. The feeling is what counts and what made the thrash metal bands in the 80's outstanding. And The Scourger can create this. After a short intro they kick down the accelerator for No Redemption - they put you back in time to the high time of Bay Area thrash when guitar riffs come over you with thundering power. And not tamed like you often get it these days. It makes you feel like 'stage' diving from your living room table, even if you are on your own. Songs like In The Hour Of Ruin (great refrain!), Never Bury The Hatchet, the fantastic title track and Reign In Bestial Sin - with some dirty rock'n'roll influence - I can all recommend to check out. But all the other tracks on the same high level and they show variety and give the listener a break once in awhile. And they really know how to write great melody lines! With Vicious Circle they offer a high class bonus track and if your home hasn't crumble down, then its time again to enter the table and dive!
Everybody who is into Testament, The Crown, Kreator, Exodus and similar bands, will enjoy this band big time! The Scourger got me at once! I'll keep an eye on them and can't wait to hear their next effort!

9 stars

Leif Lohne
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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