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On disc: The Roxx

IRONic Truth - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

IRONic Truth

IRONic Truth
(Rockville - 2009)

The Roxx celebrate their 25th anniversary now and 2 years after the release of Unleash Your Demon they are back with Ironic Truth.
The kick off with I Found God, a traditional heavy metal song. And that's what The Roxx do since the beginning. The vocal line of Billy Itch reminds me a bit of Gamma Ray's Kai Hansen... With The Epiphany (Revolt) the Munich-based band they present a mid-paced rocker with mighty backings and Billy Itch who sounds quite like Halford at Nostradamus... Don't expect any high screams, his timbre is more mid-range.... For Stake Of The Pope they speed up a bit, and again they make me think of Gamma Ray... For me the band lacks originality.... At Jack Plug Safe they stick to the pattern, but somehow this one is annoying me... I think it's the repetitive chorus... With I Love To Hate they change direction a bit and offer a gothic metal-kinda tune with female vocals by Mona Lisa. The violin shall create some special atmosphere - but fails. The whole song sounds lifeless... The Halford-ish vocals at By The Crack Of The Whip are overdone. The closer Father kicks off slowly... And sounds too familiar....At this balladesque tune the flaws of the production are more obvious. Actually I got demos which have a better sound... But perhaps I'm too critical...
Resume: I doubt that with the amount of release it's enough to offer a melange of 2 very unique bands, but fans of Judas Priest and Gamma Ray who can't wait for the bands next releases should give it a try....

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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