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On disc: The Prophecy23

...To The Pit - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

...To The Pit

...To The Pit
(Massacre Records - 2010)

Brutal trash metal is the case here, the band even call their first song on this album Brutal Trash Maniacs. They explain that their name comes from being a cover band for 23 different groups (Slayer etc). Earlier it has been two demo records for the ambitious guys, and now they are ready with their debut full-length CD by Massacre Records. Regarding the cover: They are fans of comic books, so they decided to make this kind of illustration as front cover. Artwork by Marvin Clifford.
Trash metal is a music genre of its own, and the fans who have the love for this part of the metal scene are as much welcome as anybody else. But it is not everybody that understands the trash music. Fact from these 13 songs on the debut album is that they sound very similar, best song is 23 Trash B.C.
The production is very good, and it´s up to every individual to form their opinion, but surely The Prophecy23 has gate crashed the metal world.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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