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On disc: The Producers

Run For Your Life - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life
(YesterRock - 2013)

The Producers started as a Beatles cover band in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and moved on. Under the moniker The Producers they presented their first album in 1981, it was simply called The Producers. In 1982 You Make The Heat saw the light of day and again The Producers entered the Billboard charts. In 1985 it was time for Run For Your Life which is now re-released by YesterRock.

The band mixed pop and New Wave elements and created a radio-friendly AOR sound. The title track was chosen to open up the album. One song which sticks out is Tightrope which slightly reminds me of Styx at times of Paradise Theater. Can't Cry Anymore many will know from Kansas' 1986 album Power, but it was original recorded by The Producers. At Table For One they add a dash Caribbean flavor to their sound. Towards the end they vary a bit more, Friendly Fire has twists and turns. At Big Mistake the saxophone is too much in the background, it could have done the song good to be more up front.... The closer Waiting On A Train has a melancholy edge - and I would have love to have more songs like the closer.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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