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On disc: The Privateer

Facing The Tempest - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Facing The Tempest

Facing The Tempest
(Trollzorn Records - 2012)

Pirate metal can be played by other bands than Running Wild, Alestorm etc. The band from Freiburg, Germany is called The Privateer, and they make an excellent combination of pirate metal and power metal on their new record Facing The Tempest. The beautiful artwork on the CD indicate pirate metal as their main style, and The Privateer use violins and flute as battling tools for their fight against the enemies. Pablo Heist sings like he is a true sailor with wind in his hair, and a bottle by his side to get through a rough day, and the whole image of the band signals quality and ignited metal. Dawn Of A Sailsman get the melodic line in the music that is a standard for the whole album, very strong power with elements of epic metal as well as their pirate look. Last Journey is powerful heavy metal where the guitars are great and flute backs up violins for the broader view to their metal. Blackbeard is also focused on flute as a good instrument in pirate metal, and if the song was not hard enough Pablo Heist add a little storytelling to the song. Basilisk has the same melodic line as all the song, but here they include some fine keyboard harmonies to make the song even better.

A great album that is welcome no matter if you prefer heavy, power or pirate metal, is has the characters of it all.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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