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On disc: The Pleasures

Oh Yeah Revolution - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Oh Yeah Revolution

Oh Yeah Revolution
(Dockyard 2 - 2009)

The band name didn't ring a bell, the cover artwork is colorful and reminds me of some disco / glam rock stuff... Musically they offer a mix of heavy guitars with some new wave keyboards, some dark atmosphere and catchy melodies. At Some Like It Rock they were obviously influenced by The Rocky Horror Picture Show... But heavier, even sicker... like Marilyn Manson have co-wrote it, but then there are catchy refrains which remind me of Gamma Ray... A weird mix, but fun! Freedom kicks of with some 80's keyboard, again a melange of new wave and metal. This time you get some spoken-words part as well as growls! The Pleasures are definitely try to create something unique.... And I can't think of a band with a similar sound. Skullhammer is more a kind of spacy glam metal tune... At Honeymoon In Venice they added a short citation of Elvis' Viva Las Vegas, but again it's impossible to find words to describe this music! They honored T. Rex with a cover of Children Of The Revolution, which fits to the concept of The Pleasures who seems to take the glam rock of T.Rex to a new level, into a new millennium. The variety of songs make it a pleasure to listen, coz you get everything from an acoustic ballad to some metallic glam rockers. The Hanseatic can surprise you with a unique mix of sounds. Take time to listen to The Pleasures, its an adventure!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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