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On disc: The Old Dead Tree

- The Perpetual Motion - Katja Müller - 8 stars

The Perpetual Motion

The Perpetual Motion
(Season Of Mist - 2005)

The Old Dead Tree is from France and this is their chapter 2. Their debut The Nameless Disease was released in 2003 and presented the French with a melange of gothic metal, death metal elements, psychedelic parts and some folk elements. Now they are back with The Perpetual Motion. The new opus expands their sound even more. Harsh guitar riffing, vocals which vary from melancholy, gothic-like ones to growls. Singer Manuel Munoz adds whatever the song demands - he shows anger, sorrow, despair. The quartet even has some pop-like sequences and catchy hooks, just to get heavy and brutal the next second. Complex, but they never get lost in complexity. The song has priority, not the display of skills.
Fans of Anathema, Katatonia and party Tiamat will like this album. Be open for something new.

8 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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