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On disc: The Lucky Punch

Yield To Temptation - Gisela Schmitz - 5 stars

Yield To Temptation

Yield To Temptation
(Fastball Music - 2009)

In 2004 the Munich-based band The Lucky Punch presented their debut Kick Up A Hullabaloo and showed the rock circus that they are influenced by the 60's and 70's. With the follow-up Join Our Cruise they stick to the chosen path, now they show on Yield To Temptation that blues is also one of them influences which they added to their traditional sounds. The opener Wake Up Knock is a rock'n'roller and with I Know they take you back to the 60's, but somehow this one can't spark the flame... Perhaps their sound is too polished... I miss some dirty rock vibe... No Need To Lie has psychedelic touch, but can't change my mood and Dig It Or Not is more pop then rock - and I don't dig it for a second! Then they show that they head more into the bluesy stuff with On The Damn Train Again and Refreshed - and my mood is getting down. Okay, with Another Round Another Mission it gets a bit better, but it seems that they lacked inspiration... For the last 2 tracks they speed up a bit, Better For You and Travelling An Unknown Road aren't bad, but by now it's too late to change for the good. The Lucky Punch had the honor to play with Monster Magnet, Motörhead, The Hellacopters and The Hives, but it seems it didn't inspire them... Yield To Temptation is too shallow and lacks power, this album won't help the band to make their way. Too many bands in this genre delivered good to great albums, but perhaps they get back on track and show that they haven't forgot how to rock... At least on the first albums they did rock.

5 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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