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On disc: The Love Below

Every Tongue Shall Caress - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Every Tongue Shall Caress

Every Tongue Shall Caress
(A389 Recordings - 2012)

In 2008 the band The Love Below was established and came in 2009 with an EP of their perverted music, and for the first time they are ready to take the chance with a release of 13 songs in a style that will probably turn more people away than attracting new fans. Everything in their image is centered around hard porn, perverted ideas, dumb music absolutely without quality, and to top it all a vocalist who sing in a sick way like he is about to puke. His screaming can hardly fall into the category of singing, and nonetheless this screaming is the dominating factor of the whole record. Basically the music is tasteless and made of the same accords, so you can almost talk about one song in 13 different pieces. The songs are very short, and the titles are Social Fuck Disease, Pedophiles Basement, Swallow The Leader, Nazi Uniform, Family Entertainment, Uncomfortable etc. Generally there should be a place for every type of music, but this is a style that you have to be deeply perverted to feel good about.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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