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On disc: The Loudest Silence

Aesthetic Illusion - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Aesthetic Illusion

Aesthetic Illusion
(TLS Europe - 2018)

How many bands from Bosnia & Herzegovina can you name? I have to confess that I couldn't name one - til now, coz The Loudest Silence is from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina's capital.

The band The Loudest Silence is presenting their debut album Aesthetic Illusion now and with the opener Illusion Aeternus they show what to expect - symphonic metal. It's the overture, so to speak, and with Redemption they head into their world of symphonic metal. Singer Taida Nazraic stays on top of the heavy riffs easily it seems. Drummer Damir Sinanovic Bumbar and bassist Džemal Bijedic deliver the rhythmic playground for keyboarder Denijal Catovic and guitarist Mirza Coric. As they released a lyrical video for this one awhile ago, you should check it out:

One of my favourites is Wood Nymph which has a beautiful vocal line and soon will be haunting you. Slowly opens up Acheron, but becomes a mid-paced track with heavy riffs and melodic keyboard parts topped by Taida Nazraic's soprano. The string part is just beautiful with it's sad note. Then the guitar takes over and lead you get lost in the music. The Loudest Silence is an enchanting balladesque tune and the perfect way to describe the band! One side is fragile and the other is heavy - but both are melt into one.

At Wake Up In My Dream they once again show the whole sound spectrum of The Loudest Silence and soon there will be a video clip for this one. With almost 12 minutes is Gallery Of Wonders the longest track on Aesthetic Illusion and the band welcomes some guest at this one. Mark Jansen (Epica, Mayan) adds some vocals while the solo guitar is played by Muris Varajic, viola / violin by Tatjana Romanic, flute by Ajla Subašic and the acoustic guitar by Gordan Dizdarevic Grk.

Last but not least they present The Loudest Silence (Through The Glowing Door), a reprise of the The Loudest Silence.

Recommended for fans of symphonic metal!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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