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On disc: The Living Fields

Running Out Of Daylight - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Running Out Of Daylight

Running Out Of Daylight
(Candlelight Records - 2011)

It's not often you get an album in your hand that is so special as this masterpiece from The Living Fields. The start with 6 songs, then number 7 is an empty noise simply called Intermissione, and that is to prepare the listeners for the last song, No. 8, the title track Running Out Of Daylight. Some music can be so odd, strange and mysterious that it simply breaks the borders for what can be put into songs. The Living Fields comes very close to this limit, they come with their second album where guitarist Jason Muxlow has put together doom metal music with musical themes so many that counting them would be difficult. Remnant is interesting with its soft melodic doom metal sound that goes directly to the stomach of the listeners. Perseverance could be inspired by bands like Running Wild, a soft impressive sound with violins and again their very own doom sound. Glacial Movements is if you want some serious head banging to a metal rhythm that kicks where it hurts, just listen and you will agree. If you now take a deep breath before listening to the two main songs on the album, it would be for the best. Bitterness is soft doom Viking metal that has a fantastic powerful and beautiful making of the song. As mentioned the last song is called Running Out Of Daylight, a 16 minute long epic doom fantasy with nice and beautiful violins combined with raw metal sounding both strange, weird and most of all fantastic to a point where words can not cover it, it must be experienced personally.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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