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On disc: The Last Vegas

Bad Decisions - Lars Bjrn - 9 stars

Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions
(AFM Records - 2012)

With a great influence by Mtley Cre on the new album from The Last Vegas there is really good news for fans of glam and heavy metal. Bad Decisions is the title of the 2012 album the Americans made and again set the mark for solid and melodic glam metal. Chad Cherry could very well be a student of Vince Neil when it comes to singing, the 12 songs on Bad Decisions are good decisions, Other Side is the metal rock song with so much boogie and energy in it that your whole body shakes. Don't Take It So Hard has all the elements of good glam metal as well as heavy metal included in the songwriting, guitars from the Gods, melodic building and catchy frame for the song. She's My Confusion is harder than the first songs, but still super professional and sharp glam metal. My Way Forever hits the roof, the metal drive is stunning, the strength of the will power in this song should be perfect for their live performances. You don't have to be fan of glam metal to enjoy this album, if you like good metal music you don't need other reasons than this statement.

9 stars

Lars Bjrn


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