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On disc: The Kordz

Beauty & The East - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars
Beauty & The East - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Beauty And The East

Beauty & The East
(SAOL Music - 2011)

The Kordz are from Beirut, Lebanon, a place we usually just hear from in the news - and then it isn't good news. The Kordz now want to change this with Beauty & The East. And their music is a melting pot like the city they live in, but it needs more then one spin to discover the Beauty & The East!

They kick off with the intro Coma Nation just to head into Deeper In. The first song is a modern alternative rock tune which is spiced up with some oriental sounds. Singer Moe Hamzeh has a unique voice, but not everybody will fall for it. Nothing Or Everything will soon hook you up with it's symphonic sounds, Oriental folk elements and the fascinatine vocal lines. At Get Behind the riffs are more metal, the keyboard give the song a slight gothic touch, but again it's the Oriental sounds which ennoble the tune. Symphonically they kick off the title track, then the orchestral sound is enriched with Eastern sounds. A track which seems to take you onto a trip through their home town - showing Eastern and Western influences. With Last Call they seems to be back in the Western world, but you'll still find references to their origin. A catchy tune which gives an idea about what to expect from The Kordz.

A piano-based balladesque opening has Save Us, listen to the words! It's a plea... "'ll save us, don't hate us..." Later they add heavy guitar riffs and strings, but the intensity of the words is still there. At the bands YouTube channel ( is a fan video for this one, check it out!!!

At Heroes'n'Killers some might have problems with the Arabic elements which aren't easy to digest for Joe Citizen, but at the other hands the tune has a catchy vocal line and 80's-like gang shouts. After the enchanting The Garden they offer hammering drums and heavy riffs, a dash progressiveness and a catchy hook - the track is called Purgatory. Again has a melancholy edge, but the guitars add a spark of hope. Somehow this one make me think of Mando Diao... With The One the positive sound is back, quite American sounding... Same can be said about the closer Nic-O-Teen.

This album is a nice surprise, but only open-minded rock fans will enjoy it. Personally I think they are the strongest when they add Oriental / Arabic sounds in their compositions, but the last two track should get them some attention in the US...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Beauty And The East

Beauty & The East
(SAOL Music - 2011)

This seven man squad from Lebanon are trying to get a place in the rock world, and have got some praise in Lebanon, and been touring frequently. But the music is far too special and locked in their Eastern and African roots to be a hit among metal fans, because their style is modern pop rock with deep influence of Indie music. Their main instruments are guitars, spiced up with sitar and keyboards, but anyhow they can not get out of their Indie style. Talent is definitely there, they just choose to use it in a way that mostly appeal to the Middle East market, and to proof their ideas we get a song called: Save Us, which has clearly political undertones in it, a freedom song on their part. Only two songs could make through the metal rock keyhole, and that is: Again, and also: The One, both songs with a friskily rock rhythm with aggressive guitar work.

Kordz: you need to find yourselves, find out where your aim is: The Islamic music market, or if you want to try and get into the harder metal music, otherwise you will be stuck in between this style of Indie pop-rock where you are at the moment.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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