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On disc: The House Of Capricorn

In The Devil's Days - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

In The Devils Days

In The Devil's Days
(Swamps Of One Tree Hill - 2011)

The second album from The House Of Capricorn can not be placed in the Devils corner, no matter how hard they try to give that impression, but the musical value of their new album very mixed, and unfortunately in the lesser end of the scale. All Hail To The Netherworld could indicate a path to the Devils kingdom but not really, it is a standard rock song which is turning simple and not uplifting to the bands benefit. Les Innocents is a doom song where they try to beat the World Record of the slowest song ever written, but somehow the result is acceptable after all, it does not get boring or irritating in any way. Coffins And Cloven Hooves stands for tempo driven melodic rock where they give some of their best qualities they have. Arcane Delve is traditional heavy metal with the pounding touch to boost the impression of the New Zealand band. Veils turns psychedelic with the slow doom they are presenting once again. To Carry The Lantern goes a step further towards the depressing department of doom metal, but it has something catchy that gets the listeners attention and giving thumbs up, depressing as it still is. Horns is just a slow song where they lower the tempo to an unseen level, I didn't think it could be possible, but yes, the slowness gets a new record here. In The Devil's Days get to finish the show with good rhythms and fully dedication to the doom metal where they are swimming around without the greatest success of the bands gathered in that pot. Total doom metal kicks you across the body when hear the last song of the album, and seals the impression of a very mixed styled doom metal band.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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