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On disc: The Harrowed

- The Harrowed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

The Harrowed

The Harrowed
(Massacre Records - 2007)

This is the debut album of the Australian band The Harrowed, but as Fury they released 5 albums in their homeland. And when you take a closer look at the last release of Fury - called Forbidden Art - you realize that the song titles are the same... And it seems that the band of blind guitarist Ricky Boon is releasing their 2005 Fury CD under a new band name, album name and with a new cover... As I don't know the Fury releases this is speculation, but it seems obvious...
They kick off with Profile Unknown which shows the band quite heavy and guitar-driven. The fast riffs are typical thrash metal, but I miss some melodies to stick... The vocals of Mick O'Neil are powerful, but one-dimensional. Not really growls or grunts... Somehow the songs sounds confuse.... There are cool parts, but always to short. Thrash metal fans who are into Exodus, Testament and similar bands should give it a try, perhaps The Harrowed can convince... Check out The Inner Tunnel or Summoning The Eternal. The only song which really convinced me is The Voyage with sticks out, but is more atmospheric rock and well done, but at the same time this song has nothing to do with the other tracks on The Harrowed. But the instrumental shows that they are able to write some more memorable songs.
With only 34 minutes the CD is quite short, but to be honest some more songs - if in the same vein - wouldn't helped anyway. I miss variety. After listening to the whole CD I actually only remember the voice-over parts on the promo copy. But I guess they will find a few fans who will love this, but sorry guys, it's not me.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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