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On disc: The Go Faster Nuns

- In Traffic - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

In Traffic

In Traffic
(Hamburg Records - 2008)

The Go Faster Nuns are coming from Bamberg, Germany to rock the world with their beat punk rock. They aren't newcomers and many people will know them from their first 2 albums and countless shows. The four punk rockers toured with bands like The Damned, Therapy? and Electric Eel Shock - to name just a few!
The guys offer 10 short punk rock tunes which have a pop appeal, so purists stay away! But if you like catchy punk rock, then they will convince you with songs like Walk Away From Here - the opener - or In Safer Places. The songs are just shy of 3 minutes and so you only get 28+ minutes, but songs like Find You are too good to be ignored! With Hold Me Close they go Emo! Its an emo punk pop tune - which fans of Avril Lavigne should like... Especially with the string arrangement this one sticks out and might mislead you! So listen not just to this one when you check out the Nuns!
But then they are back with beat punk tunes! A dash of electro has I Said It All Again. But all songs are riff-based! And Take Another Rainy Day has the vibe of the early punk stuff.
If you like to have a good time with some punk rock tunes, then this is the right disc!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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