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On disc: The Gate

Earth Cathedral - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Earth Cathedral

Earth Cathedral
(Rock It Up Records - 2011)

The old Running Wild guitarist Preacher is the man behind this new band The Gate who are now releasing their debut album. There are different things on this CD, but the main content is pure heavy metal where the focus are on melodic and powerful atmospheric music style and with that attitude no-one goes completely on mistimed paths. They have an intro Through The Gate which is surprisingly good and deep, and not just a smart jumpstart as many other bands uses. This song really gives a realistic picture of what are in stock for the album. Shout For Metal goes directly for the ribs with its metallic melodic rhythm and could very well be the best stop on the whole album. Face Your Fear handles the lesser tempo but still very good melodic power in the creative ideas of Preacher as a songwriter. 1,000 Miles Away is correctly miles away from an earned spot on this CD as it goes into a soft doom sound that seems out of character for the other songs on their album, it's almost Black Sabbath like with their back and forth swinging noises. And more disappointing stuff comes in the song Mountains as it is both foolish and boring to a point where you almost get annoyed by the character of the song. A lot better quality comes with the next track called Hiding Where The Wolf Lives, here we get some superb metallic pressure that makes you forget the weaker songs on the album. And if that wasn't enough there is an outstanding song named Into The Pit which delivers the guitar and rock'n'roll that this album screams for. Power metal and rock that really kicks you where it hurts. Deliver From Sin verifies that Preacher knows what it's all about with a very controlled power metal rhythm track for the joy of metal fans. It could be a great adventure if they continue this group and keep on the good work.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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