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On disc: The Embraced

- The Birth - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Birth

The Birth
(Aftermath Music - 2001)

In the beginning you hear the crackling sound we know from old vinyls which goes along with the slow acoustic guitar line before the heavy technical death metal takes the listener by storm. Musically there are also remini­scences to black metal can be found in the sound of the Norwegian quintet. After the intro The Birth the more then 10 minute long opus A Path That Never Ends introduce you to the world of The Embraced. After a technical death metal part a break lead into some atmospheric, melodic metal instrumental part, some acoustic guitar follows and a short death metal blast. A kind of progressive technical death metal is what the listener get offered. Compared with other bands from the death metal genre the Norwegian combine typical sounds with unusual elements and also the length of the tracks is unusual. Beside the song Apart with is less then 4 minutes the five-some has several tracks which last for more then 9 minutes, but they never get boring. A kind of sophisticated death metal and it seems that even lyrically the band leaves the clichés behind. Perhaps to unusual for the typical death metal fan, but definitely worth to listen to. A good example is Apart which starts with acoustic guitar and female angel-like vocals and has not much in common with death metal at all. It's more atmospheric music, not even metal. Definitely something you don't expect from a technical melodic death metal band. More typical for this genre is the track Daughter Of The Lupus Moon.
So I can just recommend to give this album a try and take time to listen to the different tracks. An album which needs quite a few spins to get into.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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