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On disc: The Duskfall

- Frailty - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Black Lotus Records - 2003)

The band was started as a fun project by Mikael Sandorf (ex-Gates Of Ishtar) and Glenn Svensson in 1999 in the North of Sweden. Soon they realized that the jam / cover band didn't satisfy them at all and so the band Soulash was founded as a full-time band. Soon the other members were found. A demo was released in 1999, then Per Johansson (voc) left and the guys re­named to The Duskfall. Line-up changes and fucked-up recordings followed. In 2002 their struggle ended and the current line-up signed with Black Lotus Records.
The debut album Frailty was recorded at Dug-Out Studio with Daniel Bergstrand.
The quintet present a kind of death'n'roll which is influenced by 80's metal and early 90's melodic death metal. Agoraphobic is a good example for the sound of The Duskfall. Twin guitars, powerful riffing and breaks build the musical playground for Kai Jaakkola's deadly vocals. The guitar solos are done by Magnus Olsson who joined the band for a guest appearance on Frailty. Check out: Farewell Song, None and Frailty.
A more then decent debut which is interesting not just for death metal fans!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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