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On disc: The Defaced

- Domination Commence - Hitomi Iwai - 7 stars

Domination Commence

Domination Commence
(Scarlet Records - 2001)

Suppose you hear the fact Klas Ideberg (g; Darkane / Terror 2000) and Henry Ranta (dr; Soilwork / ex-Terror 2000) are members of The Defaced, you may guess this five-piece newcomer from South West Sweden sounds like Terror 2000, Darkane or Soilwork... Their music have the thrashy atmosphere like those bands for sure. But they feature modern metal such as Machine Head with some thrash metal­lic riffs added, I mean this is the difference between them and those bands. I felt they try to mix modern metal with the thrashy element and the emotional/groovy guitar solos reminding me of late 70's/early 80's metal era. The mixture in these stuff is still not yet per­fect, however I guess their music is gonna be very interesting in the near future. And I hope they will have a chance to do the better production in the recording next time.

7 stars

Hitomi Iwai


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