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On disc: The Cursed

- Room Full Of Sinners - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Room Full Of Sinners

Room Full Of Sinners
(Locomotive Music - 2007)

Some might have heard about the project of Overkill singer Bobby Ellsworth and Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo and I guess everybody expected a kind of mixture between Overkill and Hades... Some thrash album. But the first track Sweeter shows right from the start that this album is different. Sure, you can recognize Ellsworth from his style, but he sings with a deeper voice and the vocals are a bit raspy. Sweeter is a mid-tempo rocker, a bit doomy and it's a bit like old Black Sabbath... Also the guitar has a touch of Iommi. With Evil, In The Bag they change a bit... The song is more riff-dominated and a real surprise is the saxophone which partly echoes the guitar melody - or vice versa. Very cool!
On the track list no. 3 sticks out as the title Leven als God in Frankrijk is unusual, coz who would expect a Dutch title from the Americans? Well, it's the title, not the lyrics - beside this one line! The songs is a mid-tempo groover with a very modern sound. The following Breaking Her Down is a short intermezzo. At Best Of The Worst you can partly here the typical Overkill voice, but beside that the track is a bit monotonous... Serpentine Slither makes you snap your fingers... A cool track which seems to be a bit out of place, but it has it's own charm and surprises the listener. First because you won't expect this swinging rock la Stray Cats, and next surprise is the short explosion into a heavy rocker - and back.
Thrash metal fans will probably be disappointed, coz here they get something different. Something they might not expect. The songs are more mid-tempo, they groove and are based on heavy riffs la Black Sabbath. A bit doom is also mixed into this heavy rockers like at One Time where the reminiscence to Black Sabbath is most obvious.
Personally really like the album, but not everybody will share my opinion, coz it lacks some unique sound one might say... And that the songs aren't catchy. But there are many songs which aren't hook you up immediately. For me this album is fun! Hopefully more to come...
To get an idea about the sound check out: Sweeter, All's Right and Queen Of The Down.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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