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On disc: The Cumshots

A Life Less Necessary - Gisela Schmitz - 8 stars

A Life Less Necessary

A Life Less Necessary
(Rodeostar - 2009)

It fascinating how dirty and sweaty this album sounds! The Norwegian offer a mix of raw thrash metal spiced up with some groovy stoner rock parts and progressive elements. The Cumshots are confusing you, usually cumshots is more connected to porn, but why the pistol on the cover? Anyway, all songs are explosive and sweaty. Last years album Just Quit Trying was half-cocked, the Norwegians are now up to make it better. The recordings must have been very sweaty. Their sound is massive with elements from Slayer to Hellacopters. At A Life Less Necessary are several songs which have more then 7 minutes, but that's not slowing down the album. So you get a more then decent album which also has it's own identity. With the last two albums The Cumshots found their own sound which is taking them onto the next level. My point of critic is singer Max Cargo who sometimes isn't easy to understand - and their lyrics are interesting, they are critical, ironic, funny and unmasking. Even after several spins this album is fun and you even detect some details you missed first. Everybody who is into Volbeat should check out The Cumshots, I think you will love them!

8 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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