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On disc: The Crown

- Deathrace King - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Deathrace King

Deathrace King
(Metal Blade - 2000)

Does anyone remember the Swedish death metal band Crown Of Thorns? Since 1997 they are The Crown and Deathrace King is their 4th album. In the past most material was released at small labels before the band got signed by Metal Blade Records. The quintet is still extreme and brutal, but their fast track attack also offers melodic lines... Live the band proofed their ability when they toured with bands like Morbid Angel, Emperor and Impaled Nazarene. At that shows the band impressed Tomas Lindberg (ex-At The Gates) and Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) who visited the quintet at the new built Fredman studios to be guests at Deathrace King. The lyrics are extreme, mean and nasty. Songs like Vengeance show their stunning musical abilities and even if singer Johan Lindstrand growls, this album is not a typical death metal album. Perhaps it's to different for some death metal fans, but perhaps it's interesting for the open-minded... This is a kind of catchy, melodic, technical, powerful, fast, mean death metal!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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