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On disc: The Black Explosion

Servitors Of The Outer Gods - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Servitors Of The Outer Gods

Servitors Of The Outer Gods
(Metalville - 2012)

Ex-Dollhouse mastermind Chris Winter is back with The Black Explosion, a retro rock band. The intro Two Hours Later is atmospheric and gives a hint what to expect. With Out Of Control Mr. Winter and his mates dive into the 60's and present a modern sounding Led Zep-ish tune. But there is also a dash of The Doors in the first song.... Mastermind Chris Winter is playing all instruments, but partly let bassist Ginger Love and drummer Andreas Lindqvist take over. Wake Up is a heavy rocker and it's the organic 60's sound which make the songs sound authentic. Songs like Hold On Me offer different elements of 60's rock and with the warm analog-like sound it's really like listening to something from the past. Black Fever is showing the blues rock roots best, it's also quite catchy. One of the highlights, for me, especially as they go acoustic towards the end which gives the song a different feel.

The cover artwork is an eye catcher, it was done by French comic-strip artist Riff Reb and he was inspired by movie posters of early sci-fi movies.

For fans of 60's / 70's rock this is a treat! Check it out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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