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On disc: The Beast Of The Apocalypse

Henosis - Mike Thompson - 7 stars


(Transcendental Creations - 2011)

The Beast Of The Apocalypse is a Dutch black metal band, here presenting the third full-length of its four year existence. The duo play lo-fi black metal with little thought to originality or accessibility. Make no mistake, this is an album for the hardcore black metal enthusiasts out there.

So, amidst the myriad legions of similar bands releasing albums of this sort, does Henosis have what it takes to stand out? Well, not really. You see, whilst there are some good ideas and nice touches in the music there just isn't enough of it. I don't place originality as high as many people and I can tell you now that this is not a bad album. It just doesn't have enough class about it to be a good album.

Generally the songs merge together into one 39 minute blastbeat / tremolo picking attack. Both members are decent musicians and there are some tempo changes but I still could not name one song just from listening to it, aside from the 3 minute long intro, One, which is a pondering, slow intro reminiscent of some drone bands.

This is efficient orthodox black metal that will appeal to all fans of the lo-fi side of the genre, however, its never going to be seen as a classic.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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