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On disc: The Bakerton Group

El Rojo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

El Rojo

El Rojo
(AFM Records - 2009)

The Bakerton Group present their second album called El Rojo. At the instrumental album the members of Clutch deliver prog rock songs combined with different elements. The album title and the cover show they appreciation of King Crimson and their Red album. The fivesome play complex progressive rock, but always with a lot of feeling. Its obvious that they enjoy playing this kind of music, not being limited at all. At Bien Clásico they don't hesitate to add a saxophone - also at Bill Proger's Galaxy you'll find a sax - while usually the Hammond organ dominates their sound. But for friends of instrumental prog rock the opener Time Horizon will already hook you up! A song like Life On Lars shows them based in 70's rock with psychedelic elements. Some parts remind me of Nektar... Anyway, they offer a very entertaining excursion into 70's prog rock and live this stuff it's perfect for some jamming! One of my favorites is The Gigantomakhia, and so I recommend to check out this one and Time Horizon / Chancellor to get an idea about The Bakerton Group!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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