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On disc: The Addication

The Addication - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Addication

The Addication
(Inverse Records - 2012)

The Addication adds new sounds to the metal world with their album The Addication. 9 songs of forceful heavy metal with creative ideas, slow sentimental structure combined with energy from within. A metal flow is present in most of these new songs, and generally the view of the album gives a solid impression. Burned Down is filled with attacking fast metal played tight and aggressively still with tons of elegance. From The Ashes keeps the pressure to the boiling point blasting out power metal where the guitars are awesome, give it a shot yourself. Last Seconds On Earth is more of the style from the opening song, Burned Down, no mercy attacking metal. Rust is a slow sentimental song, but the flow makes it interesting, a great way to experiment with the metal. Last Sunrise is the last call on the album, an alternative intro to say the least, but quickly moving on to the metal path with a hard power laden metal style that makes the message clear from The Addication. This is a metal band who kicks where it hurts.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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