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On disc: The 11th Hour

Lacrima Mortis (The Tear Of Death) - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Lacrima Mortis (The Tear Of Death)

Lacrima Mortis (The Tear Of Death)
(Napalm Records - 2012)

You may know Edward Warby who has been involved with many different musical directions, but mostly with doom, power and heavy metal. The Dutch multi-musician made a project together with Rogga Johansson and they named it The 11th Hour, where an album called Burden Of Grief was in 2009. Rogga Johansson had to resign due to medical reasons so now Ed Warby runs it as a one man band, and comes with his new CD, Lacrima Mortis. He focuses on death and pain on this album just like he did on the previous one. The style is mainly slow doom metal, only few inspirational ideas comes to the surface, and that gives the 7-song album a boring overview. The Death Of Life is the only song where you get some more feeling into the music even though the song is quiet it has some good elements, but this is not enough to save the overall picture. Maybe he should get more people in to help with the band so the music gets more widespread.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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