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On disc: Thaurorod

- Morning Lake - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Morning Lake

Morning Lake
(self-produced - 2007)

Morning Lake is the first thing I hear of the Finnish Thaurorod, but it's their 3rd demo since 2005. The band presents symphonic power metal as the opening track Into The Realms Of Hidden Me shows. Mainly up-tempo this tune is forced by fast double bass drumming, but there are mid-tempo passages where the drum pattern gets a bit more complex. But most remarkable is the voice of Vladimir Lumi which is powerful and majestic. On Cursed In The Past some growls been added, but as it's another fast tune I miss a bit variety. Okay, there are breaks and so there is a bit variety within the songs, but why not doing some mid-tempo tune? Anyway, a decent song which has due to the growls partly a different atmosphere. Some phrasing of Vladimir reminds me of Hansi Kürsch... Morning Lake is the last track and again up-tempo. Here - as on the opening tune - they add some female vocals during the chorus which fits quite good. And perhaps they should use more female vocals... And different speed to make it less monotonous... A cool guitar solo part towards the end. But then they return to the main theme until the end.
The musicians do well and they are talented, but have to work in my opinion a bit on the songs to make them differ more. If they want to stick to the fast tunes they should probably think about adding some other elements to their sound. Anyway, a decent piece of work.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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