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On disc: Teufel

Absinth - Miri - 8 stars


(Teufel Records - 2010)

First there was Corvus Corax, then there was Tanzwut and now it's Teufel. This time Tanzwut frontman is offering a solo album which introduces you to the world of Absinth. "Tritt ein mein Freund, es ist warm bei mir" - with this welcome message he introduces the listener and I don't hesitate to do so. Welcome to the world of Teufel! It's the first solo album of Corvus Corax / Tanzwut singer and Absinth can't be compared with one of his main bands. Corvus Corax is a Mittelalter band and Tanzwut is heavier, wilder and more rock-based. Mittelalter, rock, what to expect now? Industrial! Der Fährmann lures you into Absinth. To add some sonar beeps is cool element, but listen carefully or you'll miss it. Destiny unknown, we have to wait and see where Teufel is taking us. Heavy riffs and electronic beats dominate the album, but the electronic sounds overbalance the heavy riffs. Once in awhile you'll hear bagpipes, for example at Der Moritat von Mackie Messer. Actually this is the Brecht classic which Teufel is presenting in his very own way. At Hymnus Codex Gigas the bagpipes get the chance to shine as the instrumental has less electro beats.
The album offers a lot, the concept is quite good, but at times the realization could be optimized. Anyway, this is the first coup of Teufel, so let Teufel seduce you.

8 stars

(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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