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On disc: Tetrafusion

Altered State - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Altered State

Altered State
(Nightmare Records - 2010)

This is my first encounter with Tetrafusion and so I can't make comparisons with their debut. I can only say that Altered State isn't an instrumental album.
The Louisiana-based band still offers longer instrumental passages, if their prog rock is better with or without vocals time will tell - at the end it's a matter of taste. Keyboarder Gary Tubbs is now also the singer of Tetrafusion, even if guitarist Brooks Tarkington supports him with adding backing vocals. Musically the guys from the Pelican State combine prog rock with fusion, you'll find some heavy riffs (Monologue) or reminiscences to 70's prog rock. At Last Chance they show references to classic pieces, but also some Muse-like sounds. The Deserter is heavier and has an aggressive edge, but also beautiful melodies. The vocals are stronger, more powerful this time. For me The Deserter is the highlight of Altered State. The title track starts with a wild instrumental passage, sounds a bit chaotic first, but then they head into a riff-based part which is more structured - at least for awhile. At this instrumental they aren't limited by vocal lines and so it's a sonic roller coaster ride. Some passages are really beautiful while others want me to skip to the next track...
The melancholy Shadows is an atmospheric balladesque tune, focus on the vocals which is accompanied by piano. After the opening part the other guys join in and the song becomes a melancholy prog rocker with a dash of retro prog. Towards the end the song gets heavier, faster - and then stops dead. The closer is called Tears Of The Past, it also begins slowly, but you can expect that in 12+ minutes the song will offer some twists and turns.
I recommend to check out Tetrafusion on their MySpace, coz their sound includes a lot different elements and not everybody will fall for the Tetrafusion sound. Some might dislike the vocals and would prefer an instrumental album while others will welcome the vocals. Check them out and see which group you'll fall in.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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