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On disc: Testament

- Live At The Fillmore - Volker Raabe -
- Demonic - Volker Raabe - 8 stars
- First Strike Still Deadly - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars
- The Spitfire Collection - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Spitfire Collection

The Spitfire Collection
(Spitfire Records - 2007)

Testament been one of the big names in thrash metal and after 20 years they are still alive and kicking. This collection is a best-of of their Spitfire years and so is only going back in time a decade. The Testament classics from the 80's didn't make it on this one - well, only as live versions from live albums released on Spitfire.
There are 14 songs on this CD and 6 are live versions. The last 3 tracks - the live versions - were recorded at the London show and were released in 2005 as Live In London. But this live album as the other Spitfire releases a die-hard Testament fan will already have. So this compilation is only interesting for people who like to listen to the West Coast band once in awhile and don't want to buy all their CDs - especially from the last years.
Actually there are already some best-of albums and several live releases, so thrash fans will have one or the other. If you need this one, well.. it's your own decision. It ain't a bad collection and the songs are good, but I think most thrash fans will already have this songs..

Track list:

The New Order (live)
Souls Of Black (live)
Practice What You Preach (live)
Hatred Rise
The Burning Times
John Doe
Careful What You Wish For
Down For Life
Riding The Snake
Over The Wall
The Preacher Into The Pit (live)
Trial By Fire (live)
Disciples Of The Watch (live)

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


First Strike Still Deadly

First Strike Still Deadly
(Eagle Rock - 2001)

Testament is usually standing at the end of someone's life... The band from the Bay Area is still alive and kicking! Their latest release should be in the stores early 2002...
So, if you survived the reflective Christmas days then it's time for some headbanging. To open up a new chapter in the history of Testament they re-recorded 11 classical tunes with the old members (Alex Skolnick - lead guitar; John Tempesta - drums; Steve DiGiorgio - bass; Eric Peterson - rhythm guitar) and modern recording equipment.
Most of the tracks are sung by Chuck Billy, only Alone In The Dark and Reign Of Terror are sung by Steve Souza who was the singer of The Legacy, the predecessor of Testament. This album is killer.
Melodic guitars, hammering drums, fat riffs, pounding bass and the unique vocals, this can only be topped by a new studio album which shall be in the stores in 2002 as well!!!

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)



(Music For Nations - 1997)

The Red Indian is back from the reservation to make with Demonic a new Testament. It's very impressing how Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson and their 3 mates do return. The songs are heavier then in the past and ambitious lyrics are what makes Testament in 1997. Let's hope that the great songs &aacuta; la Jun-Jun and Together As One will continue what they started with this album!

8 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Live At The Fillmore

Live At The Fillmore
(Music For Nations - 1995)

The fans waited for this live album for a long, long time, but now the first official live album of Testament is out. The Americans recorded the show in the good old USA and presenting a collection of their songs. Chuck Billy and his mates are around for quite awhile and so this is a collection of their career highlights. In a nutshell... Classics like The Preacher, The Legacy, Practice What You Preach and more killer tracks are on this live recording. There are 17 killer Testament tracks! So, 17 good reasons to get yourself a copy!

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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