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On disc: Terra Nova

Come Alive - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Come Alive

Come Alive
(Frontiers Records - 2010)

Some might remember the Dutch band Terra Nova from their 90's releases while others might came across them when their comeback album Escape was released in 2005. Musically the Hendrix brothers and his mates still into melodic metal. For Come Alive they brought back the line-up of their debut Livin' It Up - and add Eric Coenen who played bass on their last 2 albums.
They kick off with the title track, a song which could have been on any other album of Terra Nova. But you'll also notice the weak sound. These days a more powerful and clear sound is just normal, I heard demo recordings with a better sound!
Anyway, a song like Here Comes The Night is a melodic rock gem, even if some parts sounds quite familiar. Quite early 90's like with big backings, etc. - and it would be even more fun with a proper sound. When Fred Hendrix hits the high notes he make me think of Mike Matijevic... With Those Eyes they have a piano-based balladesque tune which is spiced up with Queen-ish backing vocals. Another balladesque one follows - Under Pressure. The opening part is just keyboards and vocals, then the band joins the Hendrix brothers and the tune becomes a melodic rocker. One of my favorites is Who Can You Count On, a heavy rocker with a catchy hook. After another rocker - My Own Way - they offer another balladesque song as the closer - The Final Curtain.
Melodic rock fans who love the music of the 90's should give it a try, but only if the song is more important to you then the sound!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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