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On disc: Terakai

The Last Stand - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Last Stand

The Last Stand
(Siege Of Amida Records - 2011)

This is a small album from the English thrash metal explorers but small as it is, it's still convincing and speaks positive of their kind of music. The first song is simply called Intro and has a optimistic line of music hidden behind the massive drums that tries to overwhelm the performances of Terakai, and gives a good introduction to their album. Divinity Restored is fine progressive thrash with melodic superb ideas and sure proves that thrash metal can be played in different ways. Reflections Of The Past is more of this very melodic thrash that almost makes the listeners forget the origins of thrash metal, but make no mistake, the power is sufficient to satisfy the fans of real thrash metal. The last song is called Welcome To The Grave and goes even more berserk as though a metal monster were lurking around the corner to devour this melodic ending piece from the Englishmen.

Terakai has no website, but can be found on Facebook, but it would suit them to make a presentation of themselves in another forum than Facebook, it's somehow not enough as they are limited by the social network site that Facebook is. Good for starters but a band like Terakai deserves to be presented better.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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