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On disc: Templerion

- Descansa en paz - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Descansa en paz

Descansa en paz
(self-released - 2000)

The Argentine band is based in neo-classical / melodic metal while lyric-wise they will be called a white metal band. I can't tell you much about the band... As far as I know this is their first demo, a 4-track one including an instrumental. It seems there is also an English version of this demo, at least I saw some reference to that on the web. Btw, the guitar sound of the demo is quite good, but the drums lack power and punch... But that's something a professional production would eliminate.
Mid-paced and symphonic opens Libertad, but then they speed up and soon the music reminds you of one or the other Finnish melodic speed metal band. The vocals of Diego Astrada are emotional, but don't fit well to the fast riffs-based tune. In my opinion Astrada is more based in hard rock... On the instrumental Orion the band shows their love to neo-classical metal la Malmsteen beside the symphonic touch they have. Here the keyboard is almost drowned in guitars, but again that's only the production. Beside that the instrumental is well done and has something to hook you up. With the title track they get a bit heavier and darker, but lightens up a bit when the vocals set in. Here Diego Astrada has more space to express himself and it works out better then on Libertad. On Entre presente en futuro the vocals partly have to competed with the guitars - and loose. Mainly the same problem as with the opening track. Diego Astrada isn't a bad singer, but perhaps this isn't the right band for him... Well, lets wait and see what the Argentine do next.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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