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On disc: Tempestt

- Bring 'em On - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Bring 'em On

Bring 'em On
(Metal Heaven - 2008)

The Brasilian band Tempestt is around for many years, but with Bring 'em On they present their first album. The band started back in the late 90's in São Paulo as a cover band called Riverside. They played songs from Kansas, Journey, Bon Jovi, Europe and others. Soon they made some friends in their hometown and after awhile got the chance to open up for Billy Sheehan and to support Jeff Scott Soto in Brazil. Jeff Scott Soto supports the band since then.
During the first track Faked By Time it get obvious that the Brazilians play melodic metal - partly more hard rock - with catchy melody lines and complex patters. Some progressive influences... Somehow I have to think about the German band Superior in the late 90's... But I guess only a very few will know then.... Anyway, the Brazilians surprise with a varying sound and a quite unique sound. The voice of singer BJ has a warm timbre, power and is emotional. On Faked By Time they switch between heavy riffs and more hard rock like parts with piano. Heaviness, melody and a catchy refrain - a good opening track which makes it easy to get into the Tempestt sound. And sometimes BJ sounds a bit like Jeff Scott Soto... The title track has sharp riffing and pounding drums, but again they change the pace a bit. The guitar solo was played by Hugo Mariutti (Andre Matos band, Henceforth, ex-Shaaman). The riffing is dominating the song - and the vocals. With A Life's Alibi they slow down, start quite balladesque with piano and emotional vocals. A symphonic hard rock tune which later explodes and becomes a heavy rocker. Reminds me a bit of the early 90's melodic metal bands, but technically on a higher level. A monster groove leads you into Insanity Desire... a bit dragging and with a dash of aggression. Cool bass part... kinda short solo. Actually every band member gets some space to show craftsmanship. On Insanity Desire you really hear Jeff Scott Soto who added his vocals to this one. On Too High I have to think of Extreme... At least some parts remind me of the Bostoners.... At other parts there are retro-prog sounds woven into this one. Tempestt show reminiscences to one or the other band are there, but not too prominent! One of my favorites is Enemy In You, a slower tune which touches you. Enthralling. Later speeds up, but is still moving. Lose Control is a real heavy rocker - and shows them a bit more aggressive.
Well, if you like melodic metal with some progressive elements, catchy vocals and varying sounds, then Tempestt is what you are looking for! Any 2 songs can win you!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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