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On disc: Tauthr

Life-Losing - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Vn Records - 2010)

Tauthr is an old Germanic word for death and this quintet from Germany embrace the meaning of this word with grim and forlorn black metal. The band formed in 1991 but Life-Losing is the band's first full-length album.
The album is fused with a vibe very much akin to Endstille with a muddy bass sound underneath the trebly guitars. This is not exactly surprising as three of the members also play in that band! This is not hyper-speed black metal full of blastbeats and tremolo picking but a far more intelligent style that builds up a dark atmosphere through excellent song structures and high quality musicianship. You can really tell that the guys have, even with a long hiatus, honed their style over the years to create something that stands out.
The vocals, courtesy of Sator, are not your typical black metal shrieks, generally having a much fuller timbre. However, they fit the music perfectly, blending seamlessly with the walls of guitars that drive the songs forward. The drumming is also top notch.
This is certainly a lot better than I was expecting and I actually prefer it to the Endstille albums I've heard! The nine songs are all extremely good and keep your attention held throughout. Definitely one to check out if you fancy some black metal with a slightly different approach.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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