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On disc: Taraxacum

- Rainmaker - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(MTM Music - 2003)

Well, most metal fans will know - at least - some of the members of Taraxacum. Singer Rick Mythiasin is known through his work with Steel Prophet, guitarist Tobias Exxel is one of Edguy and Ferdy Doernberg is playing with Rough Silk and Axel Rudi Pell. So what to expect? The album kicks of with some animal sounds, then a heavy guitar riffing joins in. An up-tempo track with some interesting guitar sounds. After a break it slows down a little, a catchy hook and it speeds up a little. The song is quite heavy, but has a hard rock vibe... The vocals of former Steel Prophet singer Rick Mythiasin fits very well. It seems that he feels more comfortable singing the Taraxacum songs then he did at the last Steel Prophet album... Perhaps that's just my impression. On Prayer In Unison the vocals remind me first of some late 80's hard rock tune then the impression changes... The sextets music combines elements of hard / heavy rock, melodic metal and power metal. At the beginning of the title track Rainmaker the typical sounds of a red Indian tribe lead into a heavy rocker. Vocals Mythiasin can show much more then he could in the past and his vocals make this album special. Perhaps it's the cooperation of the different musicians... Different influences and musical backgrounds. A balladesque one is Wake Up which has some epic touch. Here Mythiasin is pushing some high notes during the refrain. This one has a slightly depressive touch, but also some hope. Unusual is The Red Pill which has a progressive touch, but has a certain aggression which is mostly based on the guitar riffing. At the end of album there is a piano-based ballad with Spanish lyrics - Lo que faltó. Actually the Spanish version of If I Had Known.
You can check out the band best with Never To Return, Disfunctional, Make It Happen and probably If I Had Known / Lo que faltó which is presenting the soft side of Taraxacum. A piano-based ballad. The soundtrack for days when you feel blue. I don't know if I prefer the English or the Spanish version... At the moment I think I would choose the Spanish...
Anyway, I can recommend this album to all fans of melodic metal and power metal, also to fans of hard rock who can handle some heavier stuff. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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