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On disc: Tangent Plane

Project Elimi - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Project Elimi

Project Elimi
(7Hard Records - 2011)

Tangent Plane is a progressive power metal band which was founded in the mid-90's by Ralph Swan Krieger. Project Elimi is their second album and part I of a trilogy.

The opener One Month In Real-Time already shows what later turns out as their biggest problem. Singer Jan Michaelis varies from gothic-influenced vocals to high-pitched vocals, but the range isn't the problem - even if a bit tiring -, pretty often he sounds out of tune. Perhaps he's doing it on purpose, but for the listener it's a challenge. The opener has some catchy passages where they drift into dark rock / gothic metal, unfortunately it's too late for this track. One With The Lies starts with fast drumming and thrashy riffs, but then they head into a dark metal parts. Musically not easy to get into, but with Michaelis' vocals hard to stand. Slowly they kick off Ice Age, melodic guitars take you onto a journey. Balladesque at the opening part, than they pick up speed and power. Guitarist Piero Pellegrino and keyboarder Ralph Swan Krieger show off their skills and create sonic landscapes, perhaps it's just me, but Jan Michaelis is weak spot and for me ruins the songs. At times there is a spark of hope... At Borrow Me Your Dullness the instrumental passages stick out and show once more that the musical basis is more than solid. Do You Live has it's moments and even Mr. Michaelis can add to this one. A symphonic opening leads into Deadborn, but it's combined with heavy riffs. And atmospheric tune, but Jan Michaelis is overdoing it. The closer, the title track Project Elimi is a 22+ minute long opus, a progressive sonic journey. And again I would prefer this to be an instrumental album! The songs are a bit bulky and especially the closer takes you onto a roller coaster ride which isn't easy to follow.

Well, I can just recommend to check out Tangent Plane at their MySpace to get an idea. I think that I'm not the only one who has problems with the vocals... If they really want to have a chance, the have to improve vocally. Perhaps they can prove me wrong next time....

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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