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On disc: Talisman

- 7 - Daniel de Niz - 9 stars


(Frontiers - 2006)

An outstanding effort by Jeff Scott Soto on his seventh album - 7. His distinctive 80's style, yet classy hard rock never disappoints the fans of this style. His melodic, charming voice we came to love in his time with Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eyes and JSS.
The musicians here make a very good job, the guitar riffs - courtesy of Frederik Åkesson - are brilliant by their simplicity and catchiness. Some disco and even pop elements are used in a tasteful quantity. Marcel Jacob plays keyboards, bass and guitar. The rhythm they provide actually enhance the sound of this joyful, catchy rock.
All of the songs are great, but the most outstanding ones which stick to your mind from the first listen are Rhyme Or Reason, End Of The Line, Shed A Tear Goodbye and the great opener Falling.
You will quickly like this album and wonder why the scene is so unfair sometimes by not having bands like this as superstars instead of some over hyped talent free bands...

9 stars

Daniel de Niz


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