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On disc: Taletellers

Radicalizer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Metalville - 2011)

To be honest I haven't heard of Taletellers til I got this album. Well, I guess I read their name when they toured with Grave Digger and Alestorm in 2009, but as I haven't seen a show at European tour, it slipped my mind.
Anyway, Taletellers was founded in 2005 and in 2006 they made their first step into the spotlight with the EP The Missiles Of Mercy. In 2008 their full-length debut Detonator was released. Now they are back with Radicalizer, they worked again with Phil Hillen at Su2-Studio and the artwork was done by Mark Wilkinson who did all cover artwork for them so far.
The intro Deus ex Machina leads into the album, their first tune is Nail It Down, a guitar-driven track. They speed up a bit for Mary-Anne, an up-tempo tune which combines heavy rock with 80's melodic metal and a dash of rock'n'roll. The fast Radicalizer is a mix of melodic heavy rock with thrashy riffs and a sing along vocal line. But then the quartet eases off a bit and show a different facet. At Calling The Demon they are a bit too repetitive vocally, actually the tendency to repetitiveness was obvious at other tunes, but it was still okay. The guitar-driven Go To Hell is a bit more aggressive and luckily they don't push it too far. Actually they other songs don't differ much from the first ones, at The Keepers Of Doom they remind me a bit of... Hellacopters...
The songs are fun, but after awhile they seem to repeat themselves and additionally the repetitive vocals makes it a bit boring... The songs can easily stand on their own, it's just that I miss variety. The repetitive vocals are my main critic point, coz without this repetitiveness the songs might show some new sound facets which so are drowning in the vocal performance.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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