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On disc: Tad Morose

- Matters Of The Dark - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Matters Of The Dark

Matters Of The Dark
(Century Media - 2002)

This is the 6th studio album the Swedish release since they were founded in the early 90's; their debut was released in 1993 though Black Mark Productions. Matters Of The Dark is the 3rd album with singer Urban Breed and also the most mature release which incl. a metal anthem called Eternal Soul and also fast, but still melodic songs like I Know Your Name, it's all melodic power metal. With Matters Of The Dark the sympathetic Swedish quintet should become more popular and a coming tour will hopefully made them known to more metal fans. Undead their release of 2000 showed the way, but many still don't know them.... Fans of melodic power metal listen to this one! Fans of Lefay should try out the title track where Urban Breed got joined by Charles Rytk÷nen! Perhaps Christer Andersson was smart to ask the former Lefay shouter to join them on one track... It might get them some attention, but Tad Morose don't need big names to get better, just to catch the attention of fans.... The are talented and just wait to get their chance to make it, so it's up to the fans now! A good start into 2002 for power metal, may many other quality releases follow....
Try: Another Way, Matters Of The Dark, New Clear Skies (reminds me a little bit of Lefay) and Reasons Of The Ghost.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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