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In Words: Shotgun Symphony

- Charlie, Tracy, Mike & Ron - April 1994 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Charlie, Tracy, Mike & Ron
- April, 11th 1994 - Hamburg (Germany) -

Shotgun Symphony are a quintet from New Jersey, USA. I talked with the band before their show in Hamburg where they supported Tyketto another American act, more about them later. First Shotgun Symphony!

Please tell me a little bit about the foundation of Shotgun Symphony?

Charlie Calv (key): We been together for 2 ½ years now. It started with me and Tracy, the singer. We played together in a previous band and when that band broken up, we started writing some songs. We started recording some demos and kept in different players to work it out. In this process we got our bass player. We kinda grow like that, people come in helping us and we felt comfortable and they become a part of the band. Mike were the last who join us.

Mike Maino (g): In September we signed the con&tract with Now & Then Records which been based in England. So we are a very new band onto the European market. That's probably why you haven't heard about us.

Perhaps you tell me a little bit about the lyrics. I think you do it Tracy...

Tracy White (voc): Right.

So, what do you like to write about? Just things you're going through or more fantasy ones?

Tracy: Well, actually a little bit about my own experience. But also a lot about other peoples experiences, too. I like to write about every days emotions and reasoning.

In the songwriting process, you all work together or is it more that one come up with an idea which is worked out by the whole band?

Mike: We all work together.

Charlie: The first one been written about such a long period of time that me and Tracy had an idea or me and Mike. We worked a lot of different ways, but now we sit down and write the basics down.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you now when you'll return to Europe?

Tracy: This is the last day with Tyketto in Germany. We go to France tonight, we'll do a few headlining shows in France. Then we go back to London to play in the famous Marquee to do a show, then we go home. We been asked to do the 2nd leg of the Tyketto tour, so we should be back in June to July, that's with them. And next we go to Japan and than hopefully we go to work on the next record.

Charly: Probably be have it on the road next summer.

Any plans to go to the Eastern market?

Mike: We want to.

Ron Sivulich (dr): It is almost a to incredible thing right now.

Tracy: Almost our record been released there. So we won't go there until we been released in Russia.

Is it right that the main problem is to find a label or a distribution service there?

Tracy: Yes, that's it. How about we give you 50,000 records to bring there?

I would have now problem with it, I would give 'em to my contact persons and just say "Do it!" Thank you very much, and good luck for the future!

Perhaps I can help them with my contacts... Who knows? I'll try and I guess that I'll see them soon.
It was nice to have more than just one interview partner, even if it is more complicated to overdo it. Anyway, I hope that gives you a first impression about the Americans.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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