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World Painted Blood - Umberto Mino - 6 stars

World Painted Blood

World Painted Blood
(American Recordings - 2009)

The etermal question in heavy metal is: Who created this music?? Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple?? Who cares! Ask to yourself, how important are Slayer for the extreme metal scene? The original Slayer has hurt the planet once again with this new World Painted Blood and we are soooooooooo happy!!!! Another brick in the mighty wall of thrash metal!!!
World Painted Blood contains elements of pure fury and speed like Psycopathy Red or Hate Worldwide and killer mid-tempo ones like Americon. In past interviews about this album, Slayer put this at the same level as Seasons In The Abyss and in many ways you can compare the two CDs. But this time something wrong has happened to the perfect Slayer engine......... Not the entire album is at high quality level!!!! Okay for the fast songs, but sometimes the rest is sound not so good!! It's not a bad album, but sometimes a bitter taste remains in the mouth of the listener. People this one is not their masterpiece, but it's their worst album..........

6 stars

Umberto Mino


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