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On disc: Six Feet Under

- A Decade In The Grave (CD + DVD) - Peter Haber -

A Decade In The Grave (DVD)

A Decade In The Grave (CD + DVD)
(Metal Blade - 2005)

The Floridians have the perfect X-mas present for their fans - a box with 4 CDs and a DVD! Six Feet Under celebrate their 10 years of death metal with this box set and it's definitely for their die-hard fans. In the box is a 30-page booklet with liner notes, lyrics, etc, a sticker, a poster and some other gimmicks. But the music is the most important thing. On disc 1 and 2 the fan finds a kind of best-of collection. The 3rd disc is Rarities and there are known SFU songs in their demo version. Interesting. Usually you hear just the finished product and some songs change a lot from demo to CD. With some new songs this CD is completed. Disc no. 4 has songs of Leviathan - Chris Barnes former band - and shows the developing of the Six Feet Under grunt god. Okay, in that days it was more thrash metal... A different side of Barnes.
The DVD shows 8 video clips and some live performance recorded earlier this in Berlin - 9 songs - and 2 songs which were recorded at With Full Force 2004.
The box set is a must-buy for their fans and warmly recommended to all death metal fans.

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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