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On disc: Seventh Gate

- A Reign Of Shadow - Volker Raabe - 6 stars

A Reign Of Shadow

A Reign Of Shadow
(Headless Rec. - 2001)

Seventh Gate is a German band which plays melodic metal with a progressive touch. The opener Under A Demon Moon shows their progressive side. The rhythm section put some brilliant effects to the complex song structure of A Reign Of Shadow. The weak point of the band / album is singer Sabine Demes, she isn't bad, but personally I think that a woman shouldn't sing epic power metal. Okay, there are a few bands where it works like White Skull and Hellion, but not for Seventh Gate. Miss Demes hasn't the power and the ex­pression. It's a pity, coz songs like The Dark and Dead End Race are quite good. Resume: Above the average, but...

6 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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