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On disc: Seventh Calling

- Monuments - Philip Thelen - 7 stars


(Melissa Records - 2007)

Mainmen Lance C. Lange and Steve Handel are both guitarist and share vocal duties at Seventh Calling and realize their version of US metal with the Minnesota-based band. Now they are signed to Melissa Records and release their album Monuments.
Power metal made in the US in the year 2007 - with power, groove and some brutal arrangements. What strikes me are the shared vocal duties which give them something special - especially in combination with the up-front guitar play. At The Process they use for a moment some fast, rap-like vocals which don't fit in my opinion. The Process kicks off The Damnation Creation which is a 5-song concept incl. the cool instrumental Immortality?
Highlights are Dark Angel, Silent Screams, Dead Mind's Eve and Invasion. Precise drumming, breaks, cool guitar solos and the twin vocals - that's Seventh Calling. The atmosphere is a bit dark and so I can recommend the named songs as they show what's Monuments is about. A decent album which I recommend to fans of traditional US metal.
Resume: The two Minnesotans offer a powerful US metal album which turned out very well, only the artwork doesn't fit in my opinion... But it's the music that counts!

7 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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