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On disc: Sapiency

Fate's End - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Fate's End

Fate's End
(SAOL Music - 2010)

With Fate's End a new band from Germany called Sapiency is on the way to show Soilwork & co. that Germans can compete with them. The band was founded by a bunch of musicians from Frankfurt area, all have been active in other bands before.
The sextet kicks off with Trapped, and soon it's obvious that one of their strong points are their singers. Especially the clean vocals are powerful and partly aggressive, in many cases one singer tries to handle both - and fails when it comes to the clean parts. At first you hear keyboard, but then they storm off into a brutal, riff-based tune with a fat groove, speed changes and melodic passages. The title track Fate's End gives a good impression what Sapiency is about. At Mercy they aren't as brutal as at the previous tracks, but drummer Jan Heusel can add some interesting patters and guitarists Holger Wenck and RenÚ Ritzmann add some fat riffs and melodic leads. Without the growls this would be filed as thrashy power metal - and so demonstrates the sound spectrum of Sapiency. A memorable riff and a catchy vocal line make Wake Up stick out. And live this one should work well as it invites the fans to join in. Personally the powerful clean vocals at beginning of Leaving Me remind me of Ronnie Atkins, just way heavier. Personally I think that singer Lars Bittner who's handling the powerful clean vocals makes Sapiency differ from genre colleagues. It will also help the band to get the attention of fans who usually aren't into neo thrash, deathcore or whatever you want to call it. Sapiency's songs are combining mid-paced and up-tempo parts, drummer Jan Heusel isn't just presenting fast double-bass drumming, he varies and so Sapiency can show different facets. But the songs sound homogenous and offer a lot variety at a time. Complex elements embedded in a brutal sound is what you get.
A strong debut by the Frankfurt-based band, hopefully they can present their songs soon live on stage!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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