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On disc: Samael

- <Passage - Volker Raabe - 9 stars


(Century Media - 1996)

One of the most challenging reviews of the last years, coz musically I like this band. The Swiss band Samael offer death metal, but with class, melody and the grunts are acceptable. On the other hand I love traditional metal without all this computer sounds and effects. So? The Swiss release their long-awaited new album which is also their most mature one and they use a drum computer! Why? Samael fired their keyboarder and so drummer Xy took over the keyboard parts on Passage. So his part was done by a drum computer. And that's my problem! Musically Passage is a killer album - no doubt about it - but when Samael live work with a drum computer as well, then the view of life will be changed! And what is essential for metal - to play live - would be gone.... That would be a pity!

9 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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